The Sitopia Project is dedicated to putting food at the centre of global civilisation.  As the population of the planet increases, access to good food will become ever more important as agricultural land, water, and other natural resources become increasingly scarce.

In 2013, we produce more than enough food globally to adequately feed a population of over 7 billion people, yet in 2013 1 in 7 people will not be able to eat a single meal each day.  The Sitopia project aims to connect those engaged in food production with the 7 billion plus food consumers on the planet to help ensure that each human being gets access to high quality nutrition and reduce the amount of food waste.

Big Ambitions for Big Problems

There is plenty of food to go around.  The problem is that not everybody can afford to eat.  Food is not a luxury, but essential for human life and development.  The issue is therefore how to ensure that those people without the financial means to obtain food currently, get access the the nutrition they need.

In almost any line of business, costs are incurred through labour and raw materials.  Food manufacturing is no different in that respect, but as the cost of living continues to rise in developed countries, so does the cost of food.  Outsourcing labour to poorer countries has been the traditional method of cutting labour costs, but as the costs of fuel continue to rise, along with the standards of living in these ‘poorer’ countries, then so does the price of importing this food.

There are huge environmental and social issues associated with how food is produced globally, and so we believe the future lies in producing food as close to it’s target market as possible to minimise on the environmental and social costs associated with the activities that are so fundamental to our survival as a species.